Monday 20 June 2011

New hydropower station begins operation in Nyingtri, Tibet

(, Jun20, 2011) China said Jun 17 that it began operating that day a new hydropower station in Gongbo (Tibetan: Kongpo) Gyamda county of Nyingtri prefecture. It said the 1.288 billion yuan (US$200 million) project had an installed capacity of 102 megawatts.

The Laohuzui (Chinese for "tiger's mouth") hydropower station, located about 343 km from Lhasa, is designed to generate 2.5 million to 2.6 million kilowatt-hours of electricity daily to supply Lhasa, reported the official Xinhua news agency Jun 17.

The report said several other hydropower stations had been built in Nyingtri prefecture, including a 722.6-million-yuan, 40,000-kilowatt Xoka hydropower station, and a 25-billion-yuan, 3.78 million-kilowatt Songta hydropower station.

The report noted that the prefecture had 77,000 hectares of rivers and lakes and at least 60 million kilowatts of hydropower reserves, indicating plans to build more hydropower stations.

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