Sunday, 29 November 2009

Breaking the Deadlock

This report details the findings of four Parliamentarians who visited the Tibet Autonomous Region in September 2009. They are:
Lord Steel of Aikwood
Lord Alton of Liverpool
Derek Wyatt MP
James Gray MP

The Report can be downloaded from FINAL_PDF_Tibet_Report.pdf

The Finding of the report are summarized as

5.11 The delegation condemns attacks of any kind, by any party or individual. All Tibetans and Chinese hope for a peaceful future for Tibet; violence sows the seeds of distrust and hatred.

5.12 The delegation expresses profound concern regarding the alleged use of torture to obtain confessions from monks during the aftermath of March 2008. If/where torture or coercion is found to have been used, those cases should be retried or acquitted and due redress be given.

5.13 The delegation notes with great distress reports of the disappearance of 1,200 monks, following the unrest in March 2008. Where individuals have been imprisoned, their relatives should be informed; where individuals have been relocated, they should be returned.

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