Saturday 5 February 2011

Tibetan Students Cycle for Language Rights in Tibet

New Delhi: Selho Gyal (20) and Tsering Dorjee (18), both students of Tibetan Children’s Village, Suja (Distt Kangra, Himachal Pradesh) started a month long ‘Cycling for Tibetan language’ from Rajghat, Delhi today. The journey was flagged off in the presence of many other Tibetan students studying in different colleges of Delhi and many other Tibetan supporters.
This initiative by the two students is aimed to educate Indians, especially targeting Indian students on the language reform in Tibet – Beijing’s mission to exterminate Tibetan language. The two cyclists will also inform Indian public about the importance of protection and promotion of Tibetan language and Culture, which is Tibetan people’s inherent right.
“Our effort is in solidarity with Tibetan students who protested in October last year for Language right in Tibet,” said Selho Gyal, one of the student cyclists. “Students across Tibet have expressed their resentment against this discriminatory policy and students worldwide took action to amplify their voices and support their demand for freedom of language.”
Tibetan Language is the foundation of Tibetan culture and the new language policy Beijing is trying to impose on Tibetan reveals the Chinese governments’ deliberate attempt to assimilate Tibetans in Chinese society.
“Tibetans have every right to use their language in private and public life,” said Tsering Dorjee. “We demand the Chinese Government to create a favorable condition to enable the development of Tibetan language for Tibetans living in Tibet.”
Selho Gyal and Tsering are using their winter break to educate Indians on language discrimination faced by Tibetan students in Tibet and promote friendship and trust between Indian and Tibetan students. The two will be cycling for a month from Delhi, Dehradun, Chandigarh and end their journey in Dharamshala, the heart of Exile Tibetan community where the Tibetan Government in Exile is based.

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