Tuesday 30 July 2013

China Human Rights FCO report

 The UK Foreign and Commonwealth office regularly publish updates to their Human Rights Reports and this includes China.  You can read the report along with the latest update and leave a comment at the following link 

China Human Rights Record - FCO Report

The report includes

A number of human rights defenders around the country were harassed, illegally detained, or placed under house arrest in this period, with such incidents increasing around the anniversary of the Tiananmen unrest. These included Mao Hengfeng, Hu Jia, Xu Zhiyong, Tibetan blogger Woeser and rights lawyers Teng Biao and Tang Jingling.

There were five reported self-immolations in Tibetan areas of China during this period. There were also further criminal convictions of Tibetans accused of inciting or glorifying self-immolations, as well as of Tibetan writers and musicians accused of promoting ‘splittism’. We continue to receive reports that ethnic Tibetans face extensive restrictions on their ability to travel freely within China. British diplomats were refused permission to visit the Tibetan Autonomous Region during this period.

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