Sunday, 28 November 2010

Thubten Samdup talk on YouTube 27 Nov 2010 Bath UK

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  1. I just wanted to write something before popping off to bed. Thanks for reminding me about tonights talk I found it enjoyable and fascinating. I’ve always been mildly interested in the Tibet situation ‘cause they’re Buddhists and frankly I love the Dalai Lama! He’s one of the few stars that Buddhists have. Though my chosen path is mainly Theravadin from Thailand and Burma I have read a handful of books by his holiness and I find him a real inspiration.

    Anyway 2 thoughts occurred to me when I was at the talk. (1) I am at heart an activist. Although I’m no angry student with a big banner I generally find happiness when I’m getting involved in some sort of issue in a small way. Traditionally this has been the environment, animal rights or anti-fascist activism. I’m doing nothing right now and Tibet is a good cause in need of some help. (2) This is actually closer to home than I at first realised. When yer man was talking, his stance of taking the Tibetan issue as an international peace initiative really struck a chord with me. I have been a pacifist for many years now but have struggled with the idea that it seems a weak stance to most people and will never make an impact in most peoples minds. Certainly not my friends or family. Promoting the Tibetan cause as something vitally important to global politics because of its basis in peaceful dialogue and resolute dismissal of violence has shown me a way of challenging peoples entrenched views that change will only come about by great force.

    So it serves me well to join your little group, which I did this evening. I hope you felt as motivated by it as I did. I know the situation out there is grim but what Mr. Samdup said is so right. I think we need to get some letters off to our local M.P.’s to let them know it’s an issue for us and maybe something about the all-party Tibet group that was mentioned. My M.P. is Duncan Hames. He’s a very active Lib Dem and I believe I just might get a positive response. Maybe you need to hold a letter writing session or someone needs to come up with a template for everyone else to copy? Just a thought…

    Richard S