Friday 4 November 2011


China has to be called to account, not only to end the current crackdown in Kirti monastery, but also to respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Tibetan people. The British government must publicly state its concern over the current situation and, along with other international governments, persuade China to ease the increasingly tense situation by withdrawing its troops from Tibetan regions, especially from Kirti monastery, review its repressive policies in Tibet and grant universally recognised human rights to the Tibetan people.

1. Contact your MP
2. Leave a message on the FCO website
3. Write to the Chinese Ambassador
4. Sign the global pledge to Stand Up for Tibet
5. Attend the London protests at Downing Street and the Chinese Embassy (Wed 2 November)

1. Contact your MP and ask them to:
►  sign Early Day Motion 2327: Self-immolations in Tibet which condemns China's ongoing repression in Tibet and calls for the Prime Minister to make a public statement of concern (read the text of EDM 2327). NB. If your MP has already signed, you can thank them for standing up for Tibet and ask that they also take the following actions. Click here to find out if they have signed   
call on the British government and the Foreign Secretary to make a public statement of concern on China's repressive policies in Tibet which, since March this year, has led to nine monks and two nuns undertaking the desperate act of self-immolation.
►  write to the Chinese Ambassador in the UK urging for China to ease the situation by withdrawing its troops from Kirti monastery and respecting the fundamental human rights of the Tibetan people including the right to freely practice their religion.
►  to write to the Foreign Office to urge that pressure is put on China to allow international independent observers and journalists to visit Tibet and particularly Kirti monastery.
►  Also ask your MP to sign the Global pledge to 'Stand up for Tibet' (see point 3)
To find your MP go to or

2. Leave a comment on the Foreign Office website
The Foreign Office have just published their latest quarterly human rights update, which makes reference to the immolations in Tibet and that the FCO has raised the incidents with Chinese officials. Though the FCO's actions are welcome, the British government must do more. Leave a comment on the FCO website urging the British government to:
►  make a robust public statement of concern, in light of the recent immolations, which calls on the Chinese government to ease tensions by withdrawing its troops from Kirti monastery in Ngaba and to review its policies in Tibet to bring an end to the oppression of the Tibetan people.
►  continue to raise their concerns with their Chinese counterparts at every opportunity
►  raise the self-immolations incidents with the Chinese Ministry of Religious Affairs, asking why, if there is religious freedom in Tibet as is purported, monks and nuns are undertaking such drastic forms of protest.
Click here to go to the Human Rights report update on the FCO website. The comment section is at the bottom of the page.
Further reading: Extract of FCO report & further details I Parliamentary question & response

3. Write to the Chinese Ambassador to the UK, calling on the Chinese government to:
►  confirm the condition and location of Lobsang Kelsang, Lobsang Kunchok, Kelsang Wangchuk and Norbu Damdrul, all of whom self-immolated in Ngaba and were taken away by security forces.
►  end the military lockdown at Kirti monastery and withdraw the security forces from Ngaba.
►  release all the monks and lay-people who have been detained and imprisoned since March and provide independent legal counsel for all those facing charges.
►  respect the fundamental right of the Tibetans to freely practice their religion.
►  review its existing policies in Tibet in order to fulfill the aspirations of the Tibetan people for a truly harmonious society.
Address: Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, Chinese Embassy, 49-51 Portland Place, London W1B 1JL.

Note: The Embassy occassionally disables this email address (so your email is returned). If that is the case please try and/or    

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