Thursday, 6 February 2014

Urge the Spanish Government to Stand Up for Tibet

Urge the Spanish Government to Stand Up for Tibet

Reports state that Spain's government are planning to change the independent judiciary of Spain, in a political move to close down a ground-breaking Tibet lawsuit that implicates Chinese leaders of genocide in Tibet. Take Action now to urge Spain's Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, and other EU leaders to Stand Up for Tibet against China's pressure and retain the independence of judicial systems from political interference.

To: Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain
cc Leaders of European Union Member States
I am deeply concerned to learn that the Spanish government is planning to limit the independence of Spain's judiciary, in a move that could lead to a ground-breaking Tibet lawsuit, which implicates Chinese leaders, being shut down.
I am aware that China has reacted angrily to the indictment of Chinese former President and Party Secretary Hu Jintao for genocide and other grave crimes in Tibet, and the orders that warrants of arrest be issued against five Chinese leaders, including another former President and Party Secretary, Jiang Zemin. However, I urge you not to make any attempt to override Spain's universal duty to prevent and punish the most egregious human rights violations in Tibet, as offenses against all humanity.
I appeal to you to adhere to the democratic principles upon which Spain and the rest of the European Union is founded and stand fast in support of judicial independence from political interference.
I urge the whole of the European Union to Stand Up for Tibet; to stand with Spain in resisting China's unacceptable pressure against an impartial criminal investigation, and to support the internationally recognized human rights standards that these Tibet lawsuits are investigating. Such cases should be based on the strength of evidence and a commitment to serving justice, not the political power of the perpetrator.
It is an affront to Spain's judicial sovereignty, to the victims, and to universal principles of human rights that the Spanish government is considering surrendering to Beijing's political pressure.


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