Tuesday, 13 October 2009

response from MP James Gray 12 Oct 09

12th October 2009

Dear Anne-Marie,

Thank you for you email and for the ten facts about Tibet from the Tibet Society, many of which I recognise and acknowledge as being true, without diminishing the broad thesis of my argument that despite all of that, Tibet is nonetheless better off as part of China than as some kind of small autonomous state.

I suspect this may well be one of those matters on which you and I will not necessarily agree, rather as I would not agree with those who advocate the independence of Scotland or Ireland, or of the Basque country, or of the Tamil areas of Sri Lanka.

I am strongly in favour of the devolution of powers to independent autonomous people, while retaining their status as part of that country or nation. I nonetheless readily accept that these are matters for debate and discussion and on which none of us has the monopoly on correctness.

Kind regards,


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